Make conservation a
california way of life

With California now in an official State of Emergency, state wide regulations are strengthening as individuals and institutions are asked to cut water consumption by 20%. Californians statewide will need to help conserve what precious water is available.

By switching to water conserving devices, you can help make a significant difference on a daily basis without curbing your everyday activities. By installing our waterfree urinals, you can eliminate 100% of water and energy consumption related to traditional urinals while saving on 100% of the daily operational water costs.

Help Support Your

Spurred by the drought, but planning for long term sustainability, Mayor Eric Garcetti has set an ambitious and important goal for Los Angeles to reduce the amount of water it purchases by 50% in 10 years.

That's a decade sooner than water managers had anticipated, and it's a big change for a city that currently buys 80% of its supply. This executive directive -- if it's achieved -- would remake Los Angeles water management, requiring major strides in conservation, water recycling and groundwater cleanup.

Upgrade Your Restroom
For Little to no cost

Our current partnership with the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) provides water rebates to almost all of Southern California. In many cases, these $200-$500 rebates allow for commercial property owners to retrofit their restrooms for free.

Are You Ready For
CA's New Construction Standards

Statewide regulations are strengthening as individuals and institutions are asked to cut water consumption across the state by 25%, and up to 35% in some communities. With these mandatory restrictions, Governor Brown announced that all new construction in 2016 must follow the California Energy Commission's (CEC) approved standards for water efficient appliances. The standards require water appliances to consume less water thereby using less energy while performing the same function. Is your project CEC ready?

California it's Time to

In an aggressive push to reduce water usage statewide, California regulators are proposing that the biggest urban water users cut consumption by as much as 35% in select communities over the next year. This calls for extreme changes to how we use water. By switching to Falcon Waterfree, you can save up to an average or more than 40,000 gallons per urinal per year. Set it, forget it and watch the water and cost savings accumulate. Do your part, contact us and start saving today.