Falcon Seeking Financial Manager

FINANCIAL MANAGER sought by Falcon Waterfree Technologies, LLC in Los Angeles, CA.
Duties: Prepare industry comparable reports on public and private companies within the water technology,
bathroom equipment and materials sector including financial metrics, Profit Margins, Product Revenue
Segments, Geographical Revenue Segments, and exit multiples (EV/EBITDA, EV/Revenue, P/E, P/S). Utilize
the comparable data to make business strategy decisions in markets. Utilize the comparable data to improve
company performance, which includes financial margins, supply chain efficiency and cash conversion cycle.
Research acquisition targets and prepare detailed pitchbooks to senior management on a quarterly basis. The
pitchbooks include analysis of target’s sector/industry, financial operating models, and valuation models.
Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial analysis reports on Falcon’s European subsidiary.

Send resume to: David Paesani, Falcon Waterfree Technologies, LLC, 2255 Barry Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree in Business Administration, Accounting or a related
field, plus Two (2) years of experience as a Financial Manager, Financial Analyst, Accounting Analyst or
related occupation, including experience in evaluating business model, supply chain, revenue generation and
profitability margins; creating pro-forma revenue forecasts, inventory analysis and cash flow variations;
preparing variance analysis for actual results and forecasts for pricing, volume and mix; conducting cash
forecasting and CapEx budgeting; and utilizing Sage ERP, Netsuite ERP, and Avid Xchange accounting