Our technology signals
you when to replace the

Our cartridge indicator signals when it is time
to be replaced, saving you time and effort.

We aim to make your job easier

Our dedication to innovation has resulted in improved waterless urinal cartridges that cut costs and save time and energy, while leaving restrooms cleaner and more odor-free. From our indicator that visually signals when it’s ready to be changed, to our anti-splash pour spout that helps keep your housing and pipes cleaner, we offer advantages that flush urinals cannot match.

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Our technology signals you when to change it

Waterless urinal cartridge replacement indicator OK Indicator is OK, still has life Waterless urinal cartridge replacement indicator time to change Time to change

Retains Sealant Better

Our interior baffle allows the cartridges to retain sealant barrier even under the most challenging maintenance practices. Waterless urinal cartridge bucket dump friendly

Technology that keeps pipes cleaner


Our patent-pending anti-splash pour spout helps ensure cleaner pipes and a cleaner housing.


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