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keep pipes clean.

Our products elevate design, resulting in a cleaner bathroom, less
maintenance time and tangible environmental savings.

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Our products reduce the risk of problems through simple installation, flawless functioning and easy maintenance. Our high performance, innovative waterless urinal cartridges helps ensure cleaner pipes through patent-pending spout technology that utilizes speed and direction.

Our system has no moving parts, is extremely easy to install and reduces the need for ongoing repairs and maintenance. Not to mention, that by installing waterless you can eliminate any restroom overflows or flooding.



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Best Practices

Upstream Installation: Installing a sink upstream from your urinals helps ensure your pipes are flushed out regularly.

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Dry Drains Forum, Performance Compatibility of Waterfree Systems22 MB

Flushometer: Help ensure your pipes are flushed out regularly by installing a timed flushometer upstream from your urinals.


Best Practices with Upstream Flushometer 320 KB

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Installations of Note
  • Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, California, USA

  • United States Green Building Council, Headquarters, Washington DC, USA

  • M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

  • Adobe Systems World Headquarters, San Jose, California, USA

  • Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California, USA

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Urinal Pitch & Slope Check 587 KB

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Waterfree Urinal Urinal Sell Sheets- All Models620 KB

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