Technology that helps you save
money and the environment.

Our waterless urinal product saves 100% of the water and up to
100% of constantly rising water and sewage costs. You can also
expect a cleaner bathroom with less required maintenance.

Waterless urinal technology saves money and saves water
We want to help you save

We proudly develop high performing products that simplify installation, product functionality and maintenance. Our waterfree urinals have up to 5 times less bacteria than a traditional flush urinal. The simple, yet innovative design of our products eliminates nearly all operational water and sewer costs, helping you save water, energy and money.

Our new Velocity cartridge is designed to utilize speed and direction to streamline urine through drain pipes, resulting in reduced maintenance time.

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Water is getting expensive

100,000 Gallons Billable Usage
Commercial Typical Monthly Bill

5x less bacteria with waterless

Since we eliminate flushing, bacteria have no way of spreading through the flush plumes ejected by waterfed urinals with every use. This leaves the area around our waterless urinals cleaner and more hygienic.

Waterless urinals are cleaner and more hygienic than flush urinals
Our Customers

See examples off our satisfied customers who have been saving with Falcon for years.

Installations of Note
  • United States Green Building Council, Headquarters, Washington DC, USA

  • Adobe Systems World Headquarters, San Jose, California, USA

  • Whole Foods, Los Angeles, California, USA

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