Restroom Accessories

Waterless urinal Chrome Cap
Chrome Cap

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Our Chrome Cap makes it easy for you to cap off old water lines in most urinal retrofit situations.

Waterless urinal hardware kit and Uni-coupler
Horizontal Unicoupler Kit

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This installation kit comes complete with Metal Retainer Flange, Chrome Cap, Lubricant, Hardware Kit, Bushing, Insert Tube, Clamp, Slip-Joint Nut and Seal and Drain Line Inspection Disk, helping to ensure a perfect installation for any Falcon Urinals.

Falcon Waterfree mini urinal
Mini Urinal


Our mini urinals are a great sales tool and fun token to leave behind to lighten up your sales calls.

Waterless urinal cartridge key
Pro Key

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Our highly durable, corrosion resistant key is made from high-grade 100% recyclable steel and serves as a tool for ensuring the cartridge removal process is both seamless and sanitary.

Falcon vertical uni-coupler kit
Vertical Unicoupler Kit

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Our Vertical Unicoupler Kit provides you with everything you need to ensure you have installed with the perfect installation for any Falcon urinals.

Falcon Waterfree Wall Plaque
Wall Plaque

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Our easy to install, standard wall plaques helps to spread the word about water conservation while notifying users that the facility is environmentally conscious. They measure 3.875×3.875 inches (9.843 x 9.843 cm) and come 10 per pack.