Revolutionary Hybrid Urinal Technology

You’ve seen waterfree. You’ve seen low flow urinals. But there has never been anything like our high volume, power-washing Hybrid Urinal Technology. By taking the best attributes of waterfree technology and combining them with the best of flushing technology, we have created the most hygienic, water-saving,  high performance urinal available.  Our revolutionary, proprietary, multi-patent pending technology functions waterfree in daily use and automatically performs a full gallon (4 liter) flush through your housing and pipe system every 72 hours, rather than trickling small volume of water with each use.  This timed power-washing provides a large supplemental flow of water which helps clean out sediment build up from your housing and pipes and ensure a continued optimal system flow. The Hybrid delivers the world’s best and most sustainable urinal technology.



Available to the North American through our exclusive partner Sloan Valve Company. To order or to get more information about the Hybrid Urinal please visit  or contact them at 1.800.9.VALVE.9.



If you are located outside of North America, please contact us for more information about our revolutionary Hybrid Urinal Technology.

*Waterfree and Hybrid urinals should not be installed on copper DWV due to copper’s susceptibility to corrosion.