Our Key-Valve® M provides safe, long lasting, low odor performance. Falcon waterfree urinals save yearly up to 151’000 liters of water per urinal and reduces your cost of fresh water supply. Since the introduction of the Key-Valve® M technology, there have been many improvements incorporated into our design that sets our cartridges apart from the rest.

  • Retrofit Capable: Our Key-Valve® M can retrofit an existing flush urinal to function waterfree.
  • Cues You When to Replace: Our patented Key-Ring® technology dissolves with use, providing a visual signal that helps you know when your cartridge needs to be changed, making maintenance easier
  • Tried and Tested:  Our technology has passed rigorous back flow certification testing and meets DIBt code standards as certified by TUV.


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Key System M SellSheet (English)475 KB

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Key-Ring Technology (English)6 MB

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