Our Sentry System helps keep your facility safe from water damage.


The Falcon Waterfree Technologies’ Sentry System helps prevent water damage to your facility through state of the art water line monitoring technology. The Sentry System is so precise it can detect a leak as small as a water fountain, ensuring that your facility is safe from water damage as well as unnecessary water usage.

  • Flow Sensor: The flow sensor on our Sentry System monitors water flow rate at non-occupancy times only, allowing you to identify any leaks in your facility.
  • Main Water Supply Valve: The mainwater supply valve connects directly to your Energy Management System (EMS) remains open during occupancy hours and electrically closed during non-occupancy hours.
  • Control Panel: The control panel acts as the brain of our system indicating any fault or alarm condition.
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How It Works
Falcon waterless urinal catridge, how it works
Control Panel
Falcon waterless urinal catridge, how it works